Did you know that teaching your child the importance of cleanliness and organization will not only make your life easier, but will help them succeed through adulthood? Research has shown that being organized will help your children feel safe and competent and lead to independence and confidence. In fact there have been studies that have shown that children who live in a clean, clutter free, and organized home tend to be less stressed at school and are able to focus better.

What’s the best way to achieve this? Well first of all, it’s never too late, but obviously it’s best to start early. Start teaching them now to be neat, orderly, and organized.  Use clearly marked bins, baskets, and shelves in their rooms to promote easy cleanups! Use the “get one out—put one back rule.” Nothing is more overwhelming to a child than being told to clean up a room that has been completely torn apart. If they are trained to put toys up as they play, then they will be able clean up without getting stressed.

Next, set a good example.  Children learn the most not by what they are told, but by what they see. If they continually see counters piled high with papers, junk, and other day-to-day items that get laid down and never put away and laundry that stays on the couch rather than being put up, there is no reason to expect their rooms, backpacks, or desks at school to look any different. There also needs to be a good example set on getting rid of clutter. Allow them to help with the job of going through old toys and clothes to donate or sell. Let them see you part with your things that you no longer need.

Last but not least, teach your children the importance of time management. Make lists, set goals, have a time limit, and then go for it. Think how organized your house would be if each person in it spent 30 minutes each night just picking up and putting things in their designated spots. It sometimes can be very easy to go in and organize a space. The challenge is keeping it that way day to day! But once your family has that skill down, there is so much more time that can be spent enjoying each other.

We all want our children to be thriving, successful, happy, independent, confident,  and well rounded. By teaching them how to maintain an organized and clutter free lifestyle we are that much closer to ensuring that they are just that!


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